Caribbean Yacht Insurance Services

If you own a yacht in the Caribbean, you might be frustrated at high premiums or subpar coverage. However, with Bluewater Yacht Insurance, you can enjoy quality Caribbean yacht insurance.

Our Caribbean Yacht Insurance

As a company that insures thousands of boats, we know the difficulties a yacht can face in the unpredictable Caribbean waters. We also understand the investment that a yacht can be for you.

To that end, we supply Caribbean yacht insurance that you can afford with the coverage you deserve. With this insurance, we can offer deductibles as low as 2% for specific perils and 10% for named and numbered windstorm coverage details. We even offer discounts if you’re not within specific latitude and longitude degrees between July 1 and November 1. We can go over the specifics to ensure you know what is exactly in your policy.

Additionally, with all our customers, we don’t depreciate your yacht for partial losses. And if you like to race your yacht, we can provide paid crew liability for private and pleasure yachts and pollution coverage within a certain limit.

Our Caribbean Yacht Company

You deserve the best coverage for your yacht. We strive to provide that with our reasonable rates and accurate quotes. Whether you desire a quote over the phone or online, you’ll get a reliable quote prepared by our experienced and highly rated underwriters.

We’ll also let you know about any requirements we have for our insurance. For example, to qualify, you might need a specific number of years of experience, specific courses to undertake, or a license to crew a boat. We’ll ensure you know everything so you can qualify for the coverage you want.

To learn more about our Caribbean yacht insurance services, please request your online quote today, or call us at (561) 743-3442. We look forward to helping you sail the beautiful waters of the Caribbean!