Professional Caribbean Charter Boat Insurance Provider

Will you be chartering a boat in the near future? Consider purchasing Caribbean charter boat insurance to protect you from any potential damages. The professional team at Bluewater Yacht Insurance, Inc. can help you figure out the best insurance for your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Caribbean Charter Boat Insurance Provider

Boat chartering can be an experience of a lifetime. If you have made the right decision to charter a boat, your next best decision will be to make sure you have appropriate coverage for that boat.

Coverage is important to cover several incidents that can occur while renting a charter boat:

  • Collisions. The most common incident that can happen during your rental is a collision. These collisions can be when your boat is hit by or hits land, debris, or another vessel. In these instances, you should have coverage that can pay for most or all of the damage.
  • Accidents. Charter boat rentals are great for large get-togethers as well as small family parties. In any case, lots of people are usually present. In the event that someone on your chartered boat gets injured, accident coverage is one of the best policies you can have.
  • Weather. When you begin to plan your trip on the water, clear skies may be in the forecast, but the ocean can cause quick and sudden changes to the weather around you. Wind and heavy rain can cause a lot of damage to large ships. Coverage in these instances can be crucial.

If you are about to charter a yacht, consider the importance of charter boat insurance. We have been selling yacht insurance for many years and know how to determine the best coverage for you and your vessel.

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